Noteworthy equipment:


- Universal testing machines

- Strain gauge equipment for various static and dynamic structural testing

- Photo elasticity analyser

- Creep testing devices

- Finite element program

- Programs for calculating of structures

- Video-extensometer

- 4 channel acoustic emission measuring system

- Woodworking equipment


Scientific activities


- Experimental methods: stress and strain analysis, elastic, visco-elastic, rheological, strength and failure characterization, determination of moisture transport coefficients, characterisation of damage process of wood via acoustic emission method


- Theoretical methods: constitutive laws, strength, criterions, stress analysis, structural analysis, rheological models, micro-macro models, heat and moisture transfer, finite element analysis, probabilistic tools


- Materials: solid wood, wood based materials, timber, jointed timber, glued joints, modified wood


- Scale of observation: design codes and standards, timber engineering, wood quality